What is The Art of Memorialising?

How would you like to be remembered online?
What do you want to happen to your online life after you die?

Those are the questions we answer through The Art of Memorialising.

You now mange so much of your money, memories and life online.

Taking steps to protect, preserve, honour and remember your life life online now takes action. You can’t leave it to chance, and you shouldn’t leave it to someone you love to sort it out after you’ve gone.

From start ups that help control our digital assets when we pass, to services that provide ecological alternatives to traditional burial services, companies in the #Deathtech space are delivering new ways to remember and honour those who pass away.

Some of these services could be just what you need to gain a deeper connection about life, and death.

The Art of Memorialising is news, ideas and opinion so you can choose what happens to your digital estate after your death. Or the digital estate and remembered lives of those you love.

The Art of Memorialising features each month:

  • Start-up Spotlight - This will highlight new players or substantial growth of a company in the #Deathtech space.

  • MM’s (Memorialisation Morsels.) These are bites of information with links to help you explore the item in greater depth.

  • Editorial & Opinion - Some innovations will radically change how we view memorials in the future. Some will change how you might use social media today.

    Some just belong to the ‘The Department of Weird!’

    Either way, you will get to know what is being imagineered for your future online life.

  • Sponsored Product or Service - Each month I have one spot giving a company the opportunity to advertise a new product or service.

Who Writes The Art of Memorialising?

Pete Billingham writes the Art of Memorialising.

I am the author of ‘Death Goes Digital’ and have written for funeral industry publications. The Death Goes Digital Podcast has 50 episodes interviewing leading industry specialists.

I’ve stood next to over 700 coffins and told the life story of the person inside, working as a leading and recognised eulogy writer where I live, but also across the world online.

I’ve developed a wealth of experience in the marketplace and gained many 5* reviews on Google for my work.

My major writing project now is The Sundial Series. It’s a series of books, website and podcast that help people document their life online and offline.

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